Fire protection

With Q-Fire, all wires of the PV generator from the distribution box to the roof are galvanically separated. All DC cables in the building are de-energized. The shutdown is controlled by a control unit that can be mounted close to the inverter or elsewhere with access to the AC grid.

Safety switch triggered by the mains voltage

Simple assembly
No need to install additional devices
Manually switchable
Optional: switch-ignition
To be applied:

fuel coal
ongoing maintenance
The AC mains-triggered tripping has the special advantage that, for example, in the event of a fire, you do not have to search for a switch first or the switch is not available. Due to the disconnection of the AC grid voltage, the circuits of the PV chains on the roof will be disconnected automatically via the Q-Fire system. If the AC grid is turned on again, the Q-Fire system will automatically recover and turn on the PV string circuits.

System with the possibility of modular expansion

max. up to 12 chains per set (with separate 2- / 4-chain disconnectors)
from 16 strings a “slave” controller is required for the existing system use a slave box

Connection diagram

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