100kWp photovoltaic system

We are pleased to announce that the company MPL Energy in 2014 completed the work and launched a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 100kWp on a building belonging to the Science and Technology Park Euro-Centrum in Katowice.

PV modules are located on the roof and facade of the building – in parallel to the walls and in the form of awnings over the windows on the south side of the building.

A novelty in Poland are trackers located in front of the building. Thanks to their use the surface of PV modules is constantly facing the sun. Astronomical clock controls the position of the tracker, and the amount of energy produced compared to the modules attached permanently increasing annually up to 40%.

The energy produced in the plant is consumed for own needs. Monitor the parameters of the power plant is available in the BMS and power plant control system. The investor also has a system of measuring the gross same opportunity to confirm the production of green energy and green certificates.

As part of the work performed MPL Energy also installed 10 solar-powered lamps.

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