Takenaka / Bridgestone

220kWp photovoltaic system

Installation in Żarów was based on the PV modules by Sanyo in HIT technology (now Panasonic) and Kyocera.

The modules installed on the ground and the facade of the building. Constructions located directly in front of the building were also cased by the investor in order to establish the style of the building.

In terms of inverters used solutions from SMA inverters both in single and three phase. According to the will of the investor system was created for monitoring and visualization of operating parameters of the power plant. Used available in the SMA software, resulting in the ability to verify the operating parameters of the inverters from one place, additionally the performance of the power plant are presented on the monitor at the front desk.

Currently, the installation is supplying the load on the internal network of the investor. To protect against outflow of surplus energy to the grid used automatic measurement and disengagement based on the parameters of the network analyzer and control rooms contactor power.

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